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Herbal Liquid Gold

The many benefits of Liquid Herbal Medicine

If you have not yet visited the clinic or may not already know my love and passion for herbal medicine I invite you to visit and see for yourself my rather substantial collection of liquid herbal extracts that grace the dispensary shelves.

Liquid herbal extracts are a traditional form of herbal medicine and have been manufactured, prescribed, researched and documented since the 16th century. However, herbal medicine itself has existed since the paleolithic times some 60,000 years ago with the earliest known recorded use by the Egyptians from 1500 BC.

A herbal liquid extract is a valuable and rich source of phytochemicals (plant compounds) that offer many medicinal actions that benefit physical, mental and emotional health and well-being.  There are hundreds of herbal extracts that are available globally and utilised every day by Herbalists and Naturopaths to treat a wide variety of health complaints.

Of all methods of extraction, alcohol (or ethanol) as the solvent in the right proportion suited to the individual dried herb is most efficacious in extracting the active compounds of the plant material.Herbal liquid extracts have many benefits when it comes to natural medicine such as enhanced absorption which is helpful for those with poor digestion. Dosing is flexible and suitable for all ages from infancy, children, adolescence, adults, pregnancy, lactation and the elderly.  The use of liquid extracts is incredibly versatile, including the use of mouthwashes, throat sprays, nasal rinses and topically in creams, bath wash, douches and directly to the skin for abrasions and boils.  Additionally, your practitioner has a great advantage in tailoring your remedy to your individualised needs mixing a variety of herbs that are applicable to your present health complaints.

Here in Australia, we have world-class manufacturing facilities of herbal liquids and tablet formulations.  And with the prescription of these high-quality herbal liquids from a qualified Herbalist or Naturopath, you have the opportunity to experience many positive health outcomes.

See below some positive experiences and results my clients have had when prescribed herbal liquid extracts for themselves and their families:

"My family and I have been using liquid herbs for many years now to address our many needs. They are a steadfast comfort to our family and always deliver. Herbs are like a warm cloak that protects you, soothe you and sustain you. Their benefits are immediate and stay for the long haul. We are never without their support". Sajidah, Kuranda

"Jaunita and her herbal liquid remedies are nothing short of miraculous. I came to her desperate to help improve the health of my children, after months of green snotty noses, chesty coughs, lethargic unwell children. I had tried ‘everything’ that my GP had recommended- pharmacy prescribed probiotics, antibiotics the list goes on. I would consider our family to be food wise with using food as medicine- bone broths, loads of fruit and vegetables and limited processed food. However, the kids were still sick and the endless cold/flu sickness was draining all of us. My consultation with Jaunita helped to strengthen my knowledge of food as medicine and increase my knowledge and skills on how to improve the health of my family along with the herbal liquid remedies they were prescribed.  After 1 week the recovery of the three kids was dramatic, after two weeks their symptoms had completely disappeared and their health was restored. My mind was finally at ease!! I am so grateful to Jaunita. She has an easy-going, thoughtful and considerate nature. She was in contact with me after our consultation to see how we were getting on and she had some extra suggestions on how to improve my family’s health. We weren’t just a number, she had considered our wellbeing well after our meeting and was generally happy to hear of the improvements in the kids. I have and will recommend Jaunita to everyone no matter what health issues you may need". Olivia, Kuranda


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