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Gut Treats

We can all do with some gut-loving treats! These are seriously easy the kids and I made them on the weekend, thanks to inspiration from #pinkfarm orange cremesicle recipe: Key ingredients: gelatin! I used watermelon for the top layer and as it's so sweet no honey was needed, the second layer is orange and the bottom layer is coconut. Why is gelatin good for our us and our guts?? Made up of an awesome amino acid profile below are the major amino acids found in gelatin that attribute to gut healing benefits:- Glycine Glycine acts as a cytoprotectant of our gut mucosa, scavenging free radicals, protecting the mucosal barrier, increase renal cleara

Onion Syrup ~ home remedy for coughs

Whilst studying herbal medicine my children were toddlers and I fondly remember applying my new found knowledge and herbal manufacturing skills in helping my little ones every day ailments. This was a time before I had shelves bursting the seams with herbal liquid extracts. Instead I had my much adored herb garden. This is one of the many simple recipes that helped me through many cold and drizzly winters on the Atherton Tablelands. My little ones took this homemade medicine easily and always recovered quickly, coupled with warm cuddles, good sleep and a hearty chicken or pumpkin soup. Herbal Onion Cough Syrup Ingredients: 1 x finely sliced onion (ensure not to remove too much skin to keep

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