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The ultimate self-care experience is the use of a luxurious private Far Infrared Sauna followed by an invigorating magnesium spa.  The space is yours or perhaps with your partner, family, or friends.  Set in a peaceful, open environment connecting you to nature whilst you indulge in a deeply therapeutic experience. The price is $60 per person for 1-hour private usage, for up to 4 people.

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Far-Infrared Sauna & Magnesium Pool

  • 1 hr

    60 Australian dollars

Far Infrared Sauna (FIRS) therapy is incredibly beneficial for your health and well-being!
Deep penetration from infrared heat is favorable for the neuromuscular system for endurance recovery in athletes.

Research has found FIRS a non-invasive type of physiotherapy for chronic conditions such as diabetes mellitus, chronic kidney disease, and cardiovascular disease. Investigations found FIRS improved vascular endothelial function, increase nitric oxide which decreases atherosclerosis and free radical damage, reduces serum levels of cortisol (elevated cortisol leads to insulin resistance and stress), and exercise tolerance is upregulated!

Sauna may benefit cardiovascular and kidney disease, exercise performance, rheumatoid arthritis, certain cancers, respiratory conditions, depression/anxiety, stress management, detoxification, and fertility!

Before your sauna session: 

  • Ensure you are well hydrated up to 24 hours before sauna usage.

  • Arrive with clean freshly showered skin (shower facilities are available), and avoid use of deodorants, skincare products, make-up, and perfume.  This will optimise your sweat.

  • Bathers are to be worn in the sauna and plunge pool

  • Bring two towels per person to your session.  One towel is to sit on in the sauna the other is for use after the shower/plunge pool (this is appreciated as we have tank water, limited water supply).

  • Please notify us if you have any medical conditions upon your booking a terms and conditions form is to be signed upon arrival. 

What does my session include?

  • Far infrared sauna use, up to 45 minutes.  Your first ever sauna session is recommended between 25-30 minutes.

  • Use of shower and amenities to wash down before you access the magnesium plunge pool

  • Use of the magnesium plunge pool after shower.  Temperature varies from 16-21 degrees for a cold plunge. If you wish the water to be heated please advise in your booking.  The pool can be heated up to 34 degrees.

Fern Plant



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