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A treatment plan for a healthier you!

Nutritional & dietary counselling ~ Food as Medicine

Through a dietary analysis of your daily nutritional intake, recommendations can be made to help you achieve a broad spectrum of nutrients offered by the food you eat.  The aim is to encourage you to make healthy food choices, more often; whilst showing you how simple it can be!

It's time to regain your energy and take control of your health!

My approach to your treatment plan is to ensure 'no stone is left unturned'.   Your initial consultation will be lengthy (1.5-2 hrs), and is a great opportunity for us to connect and get to the core of your health concerns.


The clinic space is comfortable, nurturing and well equipped for consultations with children.


I am realistic with my advice and offer a broad range of remedies that allows me to be creative in devising a solid treatment plan that is within your budget and capabilities. 

Treatment methods offered:-

Herbal Medicine ~ Nature Cure

Herbal Medicine or phytotherapy involves the use of various plant materials in the forms of tea (infusions or decoction), liquid tinctures, tablets or capsules and essential oils (aromatherapy).  Close to my heart, herbs are a wonderful tool that allows for a truly individualised treatment. With my well stocked dispensary, herbal remedies are selected to assist to bring the body back to balance and retrain it to work more efficiently.

Herbal Medicine is brilliant for most health conditions and requires careful consideration if you take pharmaceutical medication.

Homoeopathy ~ Like cures like

A natural medicine that has been practiced worldwide for over 200 years. Homoeopathy utilises diluted remedies that have been succussed/potenised to stimulate a healing response.  Remedies are carefully selected for an individual from a detailed assessment of their symptom picture.  Homoeopathic remedies have a quick action for acute cases and are a powerful adjunct to your treatment plan.



Kristy, Thursday Island

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Jaunita came highly recommended and has assisted our family immensely. Initial assessments are thorough and comprehensive. Her genuine compassion radiates and her dedicated professionalism is unwavering. A skilled active listener and genuinely beautiful person, Jaunita is truly dedicated and goes above and beyond to provide comprehensive ongoing support. Living remotely it is truly wonderful to know that Jaunita is only a phone call/email/text away. Her supplements are of excellent quality and she truly seeks to ensure that you get value for money from each consultation/treatment plan. Food and dietary recommendations are simple and realistic for busy families to achieve. Her philosophy of 'keeping it simple' has been fundamental to our long-term commitment to implement our respective individual plans. Jaunita truly is our family naturopath. Five stars (bright shining) rating.


Natural Fertility Management ~ Healthy you, healthy baby

We are what we eat, and we also are what we conceive - that's both of you! Natural pre-conception care is a passion of mine and I love to educate couples how to best care for themselves to conceive beautiful, healthy babies. Natural methods in optimising fertility and helping infertility is offered to help you towards your goal to start a family or continue to grow one.

Vitamin and Mineral Therapy ~ Kick start your healing

This is essential for those suffering nutrient depletion, particularly in chronic conditions. Supplementation can directly impact biochemical pathways to enhance health more rapidly to assist the healing process.  Various nutritional and mineral supplements are offered. These products are practitioner only products ensuring safety, quality and efficacy.  Mineral tissue salts are also prescribed to help balance deficiencies.

Jaunita is a caring, supportive and involved practitioner who is truly client focused. With her holistic approach I felt my whole family was being cared for on many levels. She is responsive, knowledgeable and conscientious. I have recommended her to anyone who will stand still long enough. Those who have followed my lead have raved about her and passed her number onto their own friends and family. She has changed my entire outlook on health and improved my daughters life beyond words. Thank you Jaunita for all the time you took to help and explain the journey my family was on.


Guided Meditation

A magical healing tool that has been practiced for centuries in Eastern culture. Research is consistently revealing the health benefits of meditation for the mind and body.  A brilliant method to calm the mind, assist in a more restful sleep or helping to cope with anxiety or stress.  As a Naturopath I believe it is an intrinsic part of healing, for all health conditions.  I offer meditation within your consultation and also tutorials to help you practice it in your daily life.

Lara, Cairns

Functional Testing
Functional testing is an efficient approach to getting to the core of the underlying obstacles to your health.   Simple tests can be conducted onsite such as food intolerance testing. Various pathology tests can be easily arranged to investigate, liver function, endocrine function, comprehensive digestive analysis, genetic polymorphisms such as MTHFR, to name a few.  

Acute Consultations:15 mins - $35.00

Or 30 minutes $70.00

  • Evaluation of your current health status

  • Individualised treatment plan

  • Prescription of high quality practitioner only remedies

Initial Consultation: 1.5-2 hours - $165.oo


  • Full evaluation of your past/current health profile

  • Pathology test analysis and interpretation

  • Educational materials

  • Individualised treatment plan


Follow-Up Consultations:

1 hour - $110.00

45 minutes: $85.00

30 minutes $70.00

10-15 minutes: $35.00

  • Evaluation of your progress

  • Pathology test analysis and interpretation

  • Educational materials

  • Review of your treatment plan

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