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Winter Immune Loving Remedies

Winter is here 😀❄️ below are my favourite natural remedies to give your immune system the TLC it needs to keep you shining through the winter months:

Sunshine - our serum vitamin D levels decline in winter, keep them topped up with daily skin exposure to the sun, 20 minutes is all you need! Vitamin D is a key nutrient in modulating your immune system.

Sleep - ensure you are getting enough deep sleep daily. A healthy circadian rhythm ensures your body receives physical and psychological repair as well as regulating your immune system. You will know you've reached this repair level if you dream and can recall them!

Exercise - moderate exercise has been found to reduce inflammation and promote immune health. As well as improving mental health. So get moving!

Nutritious food - pack your lunches with colour people!! Colour foods are rich in helpful antioxidants including Vitamin C, beta-carotene, flavonoids etc to boost your immune. Avoid processed, sugary, deep-fried foods. Also watch your alcohol consumption as alcohol depletes immune function. Include garlic, ginger, shiitake, reishi, oyster mushrooms in your cooking too! Dust off your slow cooker and crank it in the morning and come home to a yummy warm hearty meal to replenish your body & soul 💫

Herbal medicine - visit your local herbalist or Naturopath and get a family immune tonic made for you and your family. A few of my favourite herbs are Echinacea, Pelargonium, Andrographis for immune modulating, anti-viral properties. For busy families consider Withania to help nurture your immune, adrenal system as a protective measure for colds and flu. And also consider as mentioned cooking with plenty of medicinal mushrooms or using mushroom powders in smoothies - shiitake, reishi, oyster etc.

Nutrients - ensure you are getting enough essential fatty acids in your diet, such as fish oil. If not visit your local practitioner and get a good trusted brand that has no evidence of heavy metals. Fish oil is vital for immune cell health and function. Consider B-Vitamins also, particularly if you're a busy family to modulate your stressor responses that can lower your immune function.

Lastly, ensure you spend time with your loved ones, laughter, cuddles, creativity, fresh air and fun times.....warm your heart with soulful activity too this winter xxx

Winter blessings all ❄️💫 Jaunita May - Your Family Naturopath🌿

This information is general, please ensure before considering discuss with a health practitioner for the most suitable remedies for you and your family.

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