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My visit to Mediherb ~ QLD

Thursday and Friday last week were two monumental days in my career thus far!

I had a special opportunity to tour the Mediherb manufacturing facility set in the lush countryside in Warrick, Queensland. And also meet the team behind the scenes in technical support, herbal sourcing and research and development in Brisbane.

Being emersed for two solid days and seeing first-hand the care, precision and rigorous testing methods involved in the manufacturing of the herbal medicine we prescribe every day has reinforced the confidence I have in the quality and purity of Mediherb's herbal remedies.

It was also a wonderful opportunity to meet and discuss herbal medicine with other practitioners and a true privilege to listen to Mediherb's Co-founder and Director Professor Kerry Bone share his knowledge. The whole experience has deepened my passion for herbal medicine and inspired me beyond measure.

An important part of what I do as a practitioner is educating my clients about the remedies they are prescribed to fully comprehend the medicinal value of the herbs for their individual treatment. Now having two days away to see the beginning process to the end product and the depth and lengths involved in getting a remedy to exceptional and perfected quality is something I can't wait to share.

It's exciting to see how Mediherb a long established Australian herbal manufacturing company is setting the benchmark internationally to produce the worlds most highest quality herbal medicines. And that Australian practitioners like myself have the opportunity to utilise these valuable herbs everyday in our treatment plans.

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