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Herbal Treatment of Boils

Furuncles or commonly known – boils, occur from inflammation of hair follicles from a bacterial infection, most often Staphylococcus aureus. S. aureus is found in 20-35% of individuals in the nasal passages, skin and respiratory tract. The infection is often caused if the skin has a proliferation of the bacteria that is exposed to an opening in a hair follicle. Areas mostly affected are underarms, thighs, face, neck, and buttocks. The bacteria release chemotactic factors and enzymes which cause inflammation and pus formation. Within the hair follicle a large deep red, painful nodule develops approximately 1-5cm which may follow with cellulitis. Due to the bacterial overgrowth in this condition hygiene practices such as frequent hand washing is of utmost importance as the bacteria is highly contagious.

When treating infectious wounds naturally, it is advised to first seek a medical assessment. Please be cautious, at the first sign of redness, heat at the wound site, fever, fatigue, listlessness, glandular swelling seek medical attention immediately.

Herbal treatment:

• Herbal topical mixture was diluted and applied to the wound 2-3 x daily.

• Herbal tincture was diluted and taken internally twice daily.

• Fresh garlic cloves were macerated and eaten in honey few times daily.

• Probiotic was taken daily.

This client continued this regime for 7 days until the wound healed.

Key herbs used topically:

Calendula officinalis – actions include anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antiviral, lymphatic, astringent and wound healing.

Propolis ~ caution in those with bee allergies. Antiseptic wound healing, anti-ulcerogenic.

Althea officinalis (Marshmallow) ~ wound healing, emollient

Key herbs taken internally:

Andrographis paniculata ~ immune modulating, anti-inflammatory, a primary herb for skin infections.

Echinacea (angustfolia & purpurea) ~ anti-microbial, antiseptic (topical also), immune modulating, wound healing, lymphatic

Arctium lappa (Burdock) ~ antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, depurative

Please note Naturopathic treatment is individualised, this treatment plan is to illustrate what remedies were successful for this individual. It is strongly advised to seek medical assessment additionally with the help of a qualified Herbalist or Naturopath. And practicing good hygiene is an effective preventative measure.

Herbal treatment for various skin conditions is highly effective. During my everyday home use for first aid cases, they always help fasten the healing process. Most recently my husband had a puncture wound from a nail gun, within 3 days of the use of homeopathic remedies and a topical herbal tincture similar to this case help heal his wound immaculately.

If you have a skin condition or would like a home first aid kit tailor-made for your family, contact Jaunita May ~ Your Family Naturopath, for personalised and effective natural remedies.


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