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A healthy start to 2017!

Here's some simple tips to help you dive into a healthy new year:-

Pantry & fridge springclean - Get rid of all the christmas leftovers and while you're at it anything else in your cupboard you know is an easy target for 'junk food binging'. Remember - if it's not there you can't eat it!.

Plan a mega cook-up day - Like most of us over christmas we tend to eat more and the food is often a lot richer and sweeter. So our tastebuds are going to be a bit spoilt! To help train them back to enjoying healthy food that's less sweeter and saltier, plan a day to cook up your favourite healthy meals or snacks. Having meals and snacks already prepared over the holiday season makes it a lot easier when having to think about what to eat that's nutritious. Chop up veggie sticks to eat with a large batch of guacamole with extra lemon, whip up a tray full of bliss balls, have a good selection of seasonal fruit that's washed and ready to pick at in the fridge, make some icy poles for the kids (or yourself!) and try making a large garden salad with separate dressing, to add to wraps or eat with your choice of protein. If you eat eggs make a frittata, slice it up and it can be an easy meal or snack for the whole family. Having prepared meals is not only easy for you but also your entire family and the choice they'll have to eat will be a healthier one too!

Get juicing - My favourite way to nourish the whole family (and myself!) is through juicing. With all the festive food consumed over the holidays our digestive system deserves a good break! Start your day with a fresh juice such as: pineapple, beetroot, carrot, watermelon, lime and ginger, packed full of enzymes and nutrients your body will thank you, chase it with a teaspoon of coconut oil to further absorb nutrients. Juicing is easy, delicious and a cheats way to gaining a nice spectrum of nutrients.

Start a schedule - Whatever goals and aspirations you may have for your new year can not happen without a plan of action! A great way to bring your dreams for 2017 to fruition is to create a schedule, a daily, weekly and/or monthly schedule. This could incorporate meals, family extracurricular activities, time for your yoga class, date nights, family weekends away, your personal projects and ensure to allocate time for your own personal RNR - rest and rejuvenation! This simple tool will give you a good clear picture of how you'd like your year to flow.

How are you going to move more this year? - Think about how you would like to exercise and incorporate this into your schedule. Find a walking or jogging buddy, join that team sport you've always wanted to try, plan that 5 day hike you've dreamt of - and start training, if you need motivation find a personal trainer, call your friend and go to a dance class or join that yoga group you see in the paper every week. It's a new year, so quit dreaming and start doing!!

Start a happy thoughts journal- Journalling positive thoughts is a very powerful tool to get you in the right frame of mind to achieve your goals for the new year. Keep it by your bed, start a little ritual before bed, think of your day and write down what you loved about the day and what you're grateful for. If any unsettling feelings or issues come up, write that down too. Below this write down a positive solution for those feelings or situation. If you come across some cheerful, motivating quotes add those also. Beautify your journal add colour, pictures, drawings, make it special.

For extra help and support to help reach your health goals for 2017 book now for a naturopathic consultation (via CONTACTS tab).

Happy new year!

Jaunita x

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