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Are you deficient in 'joy'?

Generally when we embark on a journey to improve our health we start with the basics, changing our diet and trying our best to get moving and exercise! However, as I like to take a holistic approach to regaining health there's an additional essential ingredient we too often overlook!

And that is to add a splash of JOY to your life!

A common missing ingredient that many of us easily become 'deficient' in when we hit our lowest of lows with our health. We find ourselves reaching for not so good substitutes to replace the 'joy' that is missing in our lives. And often these are the bad habits or addictions we must overcome to successfully improve our health.

Ask yourself what do you truly you en-JOY? What brings a smile to your dial? What do you do for yourself that brings you bliss and deep happiness?

If you're really stuck for inspiration think of what interests you. You alone, not something that will benefit your family, but something that will benefit you! This could be yoga, craft, reading, nature walks, painting, writing, dancing, riding your bike, drawing, sewing, a trip to the beach - something you love and are passionate about.

As busy-ness runs our lives it can certainly be the last thing on our daily agenda. Overtime we have less and less time in our week for joy, it then becomes maybe monthly and before you know it annual or then non-existent.

Realise you are worth the time to do something you love - for you! It's okay, in fact it's essential.

Give yourself permission to find your own version of joy and add it to your life, create a new habit and....


Love and light,

Jaunita xx

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