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Being healthy can be easy!

What ever limitations you feel are stopping you from 'being healthy' take a look at these few simple ways you can overcome them:-

Eating healthy can be affordable - Try going to local farmers markets, if it's not organic don't stress, the nutrients are just as valuable from fresh fruit and veggies as they are from organic. And if you can afford to combine some organic produce with non-organic that's even better - you're half way there. Also try to source local produce from your community, you'll find there are people who have extra eggs, herbs or fruit they may want to offer you. Get connected and start sharing.

You can eat fresh food - whether you have an apartment or acreage finding ways to become a green thumb is possible. If you have children it's an invaluable experience to work with them to grow their own food. The bonus is they'll be keen to eat what they grow! Always start simple, such as a herb garden and then work your way up to what you can manage. There's nothing better than using fresh herbs to garnish a meal or picking juicy mulberries from your own tree.

Chill out time is achievable - meditation is a remarkable therapy that can do wonders for your body and mind. And it's FREE!! Set your clock to allow a 5-10 minute breather before the chaos starts. It can be as simple as just allowing thoughts to flow in and out and let them go - clear the mind and calm the body. You'll be surprised after a few days how easy it is.

Cooking healthy is quick & easy! - I'm a busy Mum like most and I always follow a few key guidelines when I cook meals:-

  • Cook with colour (aim for a rainbow - more colour more nutrients/antioxidants)

  • Add extra goodness such as: sprouts, nuts and seeds, cold pressed olive oil, seaweed, fresh herbs etc for texture, taste and additional nutrients. Add to your steamed veggies, stir fry, salads, wraps etc.

  • Variety - is really important, I always change it up when I buy my fruit and veggies. Shopping at local farmers markets makes it more affordable and your most likely to buy seasonal fruit and veggies (way healthier!). Also as mentioned above aim for colour in your trolley....and don't be shy to try new things and hide them if need be in your cooking until you get approval! My meals always vary, but are based on quick prep - quick cooking! Variety applies to proteins as well, one day we may have legumes, another seafood, another chicken or tofu etc. By incorporating a variety of different foods in your diet allows a nice broad spectrum of nutrients for you and your family (Hot tip - start this while your children are young it gives them a broad palate so they are less likely to turn their nose up when they're older!).

  • Get creative - Deciding what I'm going to cook I start with basic recipes such as: bolognese, stir-fry, salads, curry, pie etc and I apply the above. Using a bit of creativity each night I do a different spin on the household favourites. By changing a few ingredients in your favourite recipes can offer variety, nourishment and happy tastebuds.

Kids can love healthy food- hide it if you need to! My son totally despises onion, capsicum and mushrooms, so I blitz it in my blender and add to my dishes ;). Also consider blitzing your superfoods like shiitake mushrooms, kale, broccoli, watercress etc. And as you may have have figured out, broths/soups and curries are wonderful for hiding extra goodness. Another secret weapon is juicing, with delicious fruit such as pineapple, orange, apple, I add in anything from cucumber, zucchini, beetroot, ginger, carrots, lettuce parsley, mint etc. Serve with a chaser - a teaspoon of coconut oil and it will further assist nutrients to absorb and stabilise blood sugar. Get your children to help you prepare meals and their lunch snacks, getting them involved encourages them to eat what they've lovingly prepared. Whilst doing this explain the benefits of the healthy snack and back it up with positive enforcement 'it will make you healthy and strong'. If you can team this up with adding in the fresh produce from your own back yard - you will be giving them a strong foundation and attitude towards good health!

Exercise is possible - A major health limitation for many - you are not alone! I personally struggle with this and this is coming from someone who was super fit (before kids!). What I can say has worked for me is start off with early morning walks - daily. This alone gets you motivated, then work your way up to joining a team sport or fitness group which will help you socialise and have fun, so working out is not a chore.

Lastly, chip away at it, it's all about forming 'healthy habits' so that it becomes the 'norm' for you and your family. And remember you always have choices. Surrounding yourself with those who are already practising healthy habits is a great motivator too and if you need extra help you can always visit a Naturopath to get you started ;-).

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